ASIC – Thinking of registering a business name?

If you’re thinking of registering a business name, you can use ASIC’s ‘Check business name availability‘ search to see if it’s available.

You won’t be able to automatically register a business name if:

  • it’s identical or nearly identical to a name that’s already registered,
  • it’s ‘undesirable’ (for example, it’s considered offensive),
  • it contains a ‘restricted’ word or expression like ‘charity’ or ‘police’, or
  • it includes invalid characters, like umlauts (รค).

When you check to see if your name is available, you’ll get one of three results:

  • Green โ€“ The name is available and you can apply to register it.
  • Amber โ€“ You can apply to register the name, but we’ll have to review your application to make sure that it’s available.
  • Red โ€“ The name is not available.

For more information about the business name availability rules and the tests ASIC apply, visit their website here.


[Source: ASIC]


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