ATO warns tax scams started early for the 2021 tax season

The ATO has reported an increase in the incidence of email scams that try to steal personal information. In particular, scammers pretend to be from the ‘myGov customer care team’ and send emails that include screenshots of the myGovID app, asking people to verify their identity by clicking on a link.

This, of course, goes to a fake myGov logon page specifically designed to steal personal information, including login and credit card details.

As a result, as we move into the 2021 tax season, the ATO would like to remind you to:

  • look out for and delete any suspicious emails;
  • not click on any links;
  • never provide the information requested; and
  • remember that emails or SMS from myGov will NEVER include a link to log in.

Furthermore, if you receive an SMS or email that looks like it’s from myGov, but contains a link or otherwise appears suspicious, then you can report it to


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