Want to fight climate change? New research details which actions have the most impact

27 September

The most common actions Australians are taking to reduce their carbon footprint include recycling paper, plastics and glass and drying their clothes on a line or rack instead of using a dryer, but a new whitepaper published by Australian Ethical has...[Read More]

Rethinking Recycling: Recycling for Dummies

28 July

By Sarah Winkler, 28 July 2023 You might have heard the quote, “recycling is one of the simplest actions you can take that will have an immediate and positive outcome”. The thing is I’m not sure the person who wrote that quote had looked over...[Read More]

Aussies want green transport options, fast

31 August

Australians overwhelmingly want governments to splash cash on a fast transition to green transport options that will save them money and fight climate change, a national survey shows. A YouGov poll of 2160 Australians, commissioned by the Climate...[Read More]