Your Invitation to WealthBeing #9: “Trust your instinct” – In conversation with Sir Frank Lowy AC

Welcome back to the WealthBeing series, where we aim to bring you quality opportunities to further your knowledge of the world of finance and investment and connect you to great content on lifestyle and general wellbeing.

In this instalment of WealthBeing, we profile the latest episode in Magellan’s ‘In The Know’ podcast, featuring Westfield co-founder and Lowy Institute Board Chairman Sir Frank Lowy AC.

How do you turn a humble delicatessen into the world’s largest operator of shopping centres — Westfield Corporation? What sort of personality do you need to become a giant in the Australian and global real estate landscape? Sir Frank Lowy AC started his journey in war-torn Europe, with his father tragically dying at the hands of the Nazis. He fled to Australia and spotted an opportunity to sell good coffee in multicultural, immigrant-rich Western Sydney. From there he made his first commercial real estate investment, and the rest is history…

In this interview Sir Frank candidly shares his story, including mistakes he made along the way, the key character traits he thinks are necessary to become a business success, and the importance of remaining paranoid yet optimistic.

You can find and listen to the podcast here.

Happy listening and stay tuned for more – look out for future segments. Here’s to your WealthBeing!

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